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Windows 10 Checks For Pirate Bay Torrents, Bootleg Games And Hardware Automatically
Don't plan on using any games or bootleg software downloaded from the Pirate Bay on Windows 10. The End User License Agreement in the new operating system makes it clear that Windows 10 is capable of scanning user machines and prohibiting them from using any services that appear to have been obtained illegally.

Section 7b of Microsoft's Services EULA (under “Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These Terms”) warns users that Windows 10 “may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.”

By agreeing to these terms, reported, users are enabling Microsoft to sift through their files in search of the vaguely defined “unauthorized hardware peripheral devices,” which could mean anything from modified Xbox controllers to unauthorized versions of Microsoft Office.

What's more clear is that corporate patience with pirated games and software is running out. Video game makers have increasingly required users to input an activation code that comes with purchased copies of the game before they're allowed to play online, limiting the appeal of a pirated copy. Adobe, in response to seemingly endless Photoshop piracy, recently unveiled a subscription-only version of the popular editing software, only to have that pirated and redistributed within a day of its release.

Microsoft has yet to publicly clarify what its EULA actually means, but this update is just the latest bone of contention for users concerned about their privacy. It was previously reported that Windows 10 will monitor users and send regular updates on their activity back to the company, even if they say they wish to share nothing at all.
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system on display. Thanks to Reuters
The Appeal of Free: 75 Million Users have Download Windows 10 in First Month

Half of American adults had their personal information exposed to hackers last year alone. In a recent attack at the federal Office of Personnel Management, hackers stole the most sensitive personal data for 21.5 million people.

Answer the questions below to learn which parts of your identity may have been stolen in some of the major hacking attacks over the last two years and what you can do about it. Not all attacks are included here, and many attacks go undetected, so think of your results as a minimum level of exposure. Click on the link below to see if you are at risk Thanks to New York Times
How Many Times Has Your Personal
Information Been Exposed to Hackers?
Tackling some early issues that emerged from the
Windows 10 upgrade
By Steve Alexander Star Tribune, August 26, 2015 - 11:36am

Some consumers who upgraded PCs to Windows 10 are reporting unforeseen software compatibility problems.

Christopher from Menahga, Minn., pointed out that many upgraded PCs can’t locate their
DVD-CD drives because Windows 10 lacks the correct software drivers for them. I originally wrote that Windows 10’s lack of DVD playing software was the cause. But Restemayer’s idea is backed up by several online forums. Consumers have three choices:

• Go to the website of the CD-DVD drive manufacturer to look for a downloadable Windows 10 driver. Normally, you’d find the manufacturer’s name by typing “device manager” in the search bar, clicking enter, then clicking the triangle next to “DVD/CD-ROM drives,” but it’s probably not there in this case. So search online for your PC’s specifications.

• Alter the PC’s registry. This is risky and the average consumer shouldn’t attempt it. For the technically inclined, see

• Reverse the Windows 10 upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. See

Becky from Eldorado, Texas, says her HP LaserJet Pro wireless printer doesn’t work well with Windows 10, and wonders if she’ll have similar problems if she returns to Windows 7.

She most likely needs a Windows 10 compatible software driver for either her printer or her wireless network. Check out HP’s Windows 10 help page (, which deals with software drivers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections, PC start-up and shutdown, and speakers and microphones. If the printer worked with Windows 7 before, it should again. If it doesn’t, download the Windows 7 printer driver at

Susan from Eagan couldn’t access her Yahoo calendar after upgrading to Windows 10.

To establish or improve the connections between Windows 10 and your calendar and e-mail accounts, see

Jan from Bloomington said that, after reversing the Windows 10 upgrade to Windows 8.1, she could no longer use the HP PC’s touch-screen controls when in tablet computer mode.

It seems that the PC has lost the Windows 8.1 software drivers for the touch screen. Those drivers can be restored with the PC’s original Windows 8.1 recovery disks (back up your data first). If you don't have the disks, order them from HP.

Sharon from Atascadero, Calif., says her PC frequently prompts her to install Windows 10, which she doesn’t plan to do. She wonders if the upgrade could happen automatically.

No, an upgrade will happen only if the user agrees to it. To get rid of the prompt, go to Control Panel, then System and Security, then Windows Update. For more details, come to a CESOP meeting

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